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Our Story

Started from a simple but necessary idea, Fit Japan was created to address the issues faced in today's selvage denim community--sizing restrictions.

All bodies are different and yet we're still shopping for jeans based on outdated sizing models that create customer frustrations when they don't fit or need returns.

To solve this dilemma for myself and other men across the world, I created Fit Japan. A Japanese denim brand with a new standard that offers sizeless for every body type—those big thighs and small waists, those large waistlines or those petite legs. Combining my best efforts with some of the most skilled craftsmen to acquire high-quality Japanese cotton, my company's unique direct-to-consumer business model offers our clients an unparalleled experience in style. And today? Fit Japan is one of the few denim brands where you can find your perfect fit jeans at such amazing prices! It was no easy task getting here - though it wasn't without its challenges - but we're glad to see how far we've come since then. All kinds of bodies deserve some love when it comes to clothes shopping; so let me show you mine...