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Sustainability in mind

Sustainability in mind

A few years ago, sustainable clothing was the exception to the rule, but today it’s becoming much more common. However, many people still find it hard to figure out how to shop sustainably while they keep up with the latest trends in fashion and clothing styles. We’ve figured out a way to offer you made-to-order clothes that are sustainable, fashionable, and made to fit you perfectly while ending overproduction of clothing items that you don’t need or want!


How to buy sustainable clothing?

These made-to-order jeans cost from $210-$279, but you can rest assured knowing you are ordering a durable, perfectly fitted pair of denim jeans. Orders come in on Tuesdays, with denim arriving within two weeks. By working directly with each customer, these jeans eliminate wasteful production and ensure customer satisfaction. If there’s an issue, customers can contact customer service online or via phone. And did we mention they offer free worldwide shipping?


The problem with off-the-rack clothing

To find your perfect size, we recommend taking your measurements. If you’re a woman and can’t find a denim style in the exact size you need, no problem! We offer tailored jeans for all body types and shapes. In other words, our denim is made to order! We also offer custom sizes for suits, dresses, skirts and blouses. Custom orders typically take two weeks. Fitted denim was made for these curves so it's designed to fit and be flattering with the right proportions. With less wastefull manufacturing, you can look fabulous while wearing sustainable clothing too!


Too many sizes, too much waste


There’s nothing worse than finding a piece of clothing you love only to find out it doesn’t fit. Traditional manufacturing is wasteful because of overproduction and mass-market sizing, meaning it’s possible for one piece of denim or a few t-shirts to be cut into thousands of different sizes. That not only results in excess waste but also leaves us with far more clothes than we need and discourages us from buying new items in fear that we already have something similar.


How can we solve this problem?

We’ve solved our problem by embracing a future where every piece of clothing is tailored for you. Every one. No two bodies are exactly alike, and no two pieces of fabric will drape exactly alike either. We’ve reengineered how we make denim specifically for you—and only you. It starts with getting your measurements, then we fit your denim to your dimensions before we cut it from its signature selvedge denim.


Why isn't there better technology?

Most people don't realize how wasteful traditional manufacturing is. Manufacturers make a single product in large quantities, and then they sell it as quickly as possible; if it's not sold within a year or two, it gets marked down or ends up in a discount store. We're changing that. By using technology to link customers directly with clothing manufacturers, we are helping cut out waste and offer clothing at a fair price—one where customers are paying for exactly what they want and nothing more.


What is made2measure?

With made2measure jeans, a tailor takes your measurements and then creates a unique pair of jeans. When you order, you fill out a web form where you tell us how much stretch you want in your jeans and what size waist fits best. We make these alterations before they’re sewn into pairs of pants and delivered to your door.

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