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The Problem with Waste in the Fashion Industry and How to Fix It

The Problem with Waste in the Fashion Industry and How to Fix It

For many of us, the idea of wearing fast fashion may seem like a good way to get great-looking clothes without breaking the bank. But the garment industry can be incredibly wasteful, and much of that waste comes from consumers who don’t think twice about their clothing choices. Sustainable fashion seeks to resolve this issue by encouraging people to buy fewer but higher quality items and repair or recycle them so they last longer. Here are a few more tips to help you reduce your impact on the environment by choosing eco-friendly fashion in the future.


Nearly 75% of fashion garments are never worn


The average American throws away 65 pounds of clothes per year, which means that more than 25 million tons of textiles end up in landfills every year. We want to work towards solving wastefulness because it's a cause that we believe will bring happiness to not just our planet, but also ourselves.
To address this problem, we change the manufacturing cycle completely by only manufacturing items that someone orders. For example, if you want a dress made from scratch, you can order one from our website or at a showroom. If your order is for two dresses but one of them doesn't fit properly when it arrives, we will gladly make adjustments so it does! We've built systems to make sure no wastefull garment leaves our workshop.

Fast fashion is consuming our resources faster than they can replenish

Instead of keeping up with the trends. We believe in providing high-quality, timeless closet staples made to last. All our garments are constructed in a waste-free environment that is low on emissions, water, electricity and labor. Our designs are all made to measure and made to order for you, and you only! With careful consideration placed on every detail so you can wear your garment without worrying about it not fitting or being too tight or too loose.


We need innovation to solve the problem


We need innovation. The fashion industry is wasteful by nature, but it doesn't have to be this way. We're on a mission to make clothing production more sustainable by bringing together designers, retailers and consumers to create a better tomorrow.
With your support we can help reduce the amount of waste in this industry from seed-to-seam so we can create a future where clothes are valued for their contribution rather than their disposal.

Why made to order could solve this problem


Made to order is a better solution than bulk manufacturing because made to order cuts out the waste of creating clothes that people don't want. With made to order, you only create what is needed which will save money, time and resources. People are less likely to buy clothes they don't need because it takes too much energy to figure out what they might want. If you're going to bulk produce anything, you should be sure that it's something that is always in high demand such as underwear or socks.

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